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At Thunder Petroleum and Propane Ltd. in Alberta, we are committed to providing the industry’s best for all of our customers. Here we work hard to ensure the job is done right, right on time. Propane is clean, available, affordable and versatile. Many proposals for fighting climate change and reducing the environmental impact of energy use will have to wait for new technologies to be perfected, however, propane produced right here in Canada can make major and immediate contributions using today’s technology. The propane industry has a role to play in the clean energy mix and is committed to maximizing its value to Canadians over the long term. We offer many different kinds of propane services efficiently and effectively.

Contact Thunder Petroleum and Propane Ltd. today for your energy needs or trucking requests in Northern BC and Northern Alberta.

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Slave Lake Branch:
669 West Mitsue Industrial Road
Slave Lake, AB
T0G 2A0
PH: 587-599-5000

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