Welcome To Thunder Oilfield Services & Rentals

At Thunder Oilfield Services in Fort St. John, we are committed to providing the industry’s best for all of our customers. Here we work hard to ensure the job is done right, right on time.

For the past 10 years Thunder Oilfield has been offering rental services, hot-shot services and steam and vacuum services to oilfields in Northern Alberta and BC. Our equipment is maintained and replaced if not running 100%. Our team is motivated to getting you the equipment you need and offering quality you expect. We offer many different kinds of rental equipment and our company is always expanding to offer more equipment and services.

Whether you need portable lighting solutions, trucking solutions, portable generators, shacks, rig mats or steam and vacuum services, we offer all forms of quality equipment and services you can count on.

Our company maintains high standards in safety for all of our staff when working on location. We also offer on-site training on all of our equipment to ensure your rental operates efficiently and effectively.

Call us today. Thunder Oilfield Is Available 24/7.


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